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Deyga Organics Products Review

Is this local organic brand worth your bucks? Read on to find more.

I have recently become a fan of Indian brands in the beauty space. I believe smaller newer brands make products in smaller batches, which makes them much more effective and fresh. The ingredients are mostly locally sourced, so not only do they contribute in uplifting local economy, they are mostly suited better for Indian skin and body. In my quest for discovering more brands, I came across Deyga Organics, which is an Indian skincare brand that stands for everything that I appreciate in a brand. I tried 3 products from them over a course of 15 days, and following is my review on the same. Please click here to directly go to my review, or read below to know more about the brand. (All the screenshots and data about the products have been taken from the deyga organics website).

About the Brand:

Website: https://deyga.in/ 

Deyga is a home-grown brand with a strong belief that our traditional rescue for skin and hair will always make one’s life easy & satisfied. Our products are handcrafted with love. Each product that we manufacture has the touch of tradition & care. Our products range from skincare, hair care, lip care, oral care, foot care, eye care , baby care , bath & body care, wellness etc.

The Six Pillars

Deyga Beautifying Serum (30 ml for Rs. 730)

Link: https://deyga.in/collections/serum/products/beautifying-serum-30ml


Unique oil for the skin. Non-greasy, lightweight and fast absorbing serum for softness and shine with antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy.


Benefits Claimed:

  • 100% Natural
  • Brightens dull skin
  • Repairs pigmentation
  • Minimizes fine lines and signs of ageing
  • Relieves dark circles.

My Review:

This is marketed as a serum but is actually face oil. The texture is very light and absorbs fairly easily on the skin when applied with clean fingers. I generally recommend applying face oils or elixirs on a slightly damp skin, it helps them absorb better and also elongate it’s moisturizing effect.

The packaging is simple and functional. I love the dropper style in my face oils. It may not feel very luxurious, but I’d rather have a good product in a basic functional packaging that have a dud in a fancy packaging.

The product has almost no fragrance, unless you really sniff into it, there is some ayurvedic oil kinda smell, which does not feel artificial. I really appreciate them not adding useless fragrance to the products, I prefer my skincare not artificially fragranced.

One thing that is product is excellent at is moisturizing. I have a very dry sensitive skin, and my skin did not react badly to it whatsoever.

It has a calming effect, I use it heavily at night, and lightly in daytime. It sits really well under the makeup and does not feel greasy on the skin.

As for the claims, it sure did brighten my skin over time. I don’t have much dark circles so I can’t lay claim on that effectiveness. The texture of my skin has definitely become smoother and it has a subtle glow which I know for sure is because of this serum as I didn’t change anything else in my skincare routine.

The price is really good, given the good serums generally are over Rs. 1000.


  • Affordable, made in India
  • Functional and simple packaging
  • No added fragrance
  • Works great as a moisturizer
  • Definitely works on dry skin
  • Did not irritate my skin whatsoever
  • Light texture, does not make my skin greasy
  • Sits well under makeup


  • Can’t think of any

Precisely: If you’re looking to introduce a face oil in your routine, without losing bank over it, I would highly recommend this one.


Deyga Spirulina Lip Balm (20 gms for Rs. 290)

Link: https://deyga.in/collections/lip-balm/products/spirulina-lip-balm


Our organic spirulina lip balm is an amazing product for your lips. Its soothing properties and moisturizing agents help your lips feel nourished and rejuvenated.

A mixture of shea butter and avocado oil, it is designed to provide the ideal foundation, while the organic spirulina blue-green algae extract helps hydrate and smooth the skin. It provides the ultimate lip care experience.


Benefits Claimed:

  • It is ideal for people with dry and chapped lips.
  • It leaves subtle shine on the lips.
  • It makes the lips soft and supple.
  • Heals the cuts on the lips caused due to dryness.

My Review:

Let me start with a disclaimer, I have extremely dry lips naturally. Applying a lip balm is almost a reflex for me now, I apply one every 45-60 minutess to be honest. I am personally a fan of Carmex lip balm but sadly they don’t sell in India. This lip balm, like most ones in the market, has a slippery texture, that feels more balmy than waxy. It has a glossy finish, but not too glossy. It works great for a mild to medium moisturizing for dry lips but to be honest, I am not blown away. I find it not very different to a Nivea or a Vaseline lip balm. The tin packaging doesn’t help either, I have never been fan of that packaging. Feels a little unhygienic and tedious.

It does however forms a good base for a matte lipstick, does not change the lipstick finish too much. It has no tint, so it doesn’t effect the color either.

I recently had a bad cold and my lips started peeling. I applied this lip balm, it did give me comfort but that lasted only a short while, I had to apply it very frequently to feel comfortable.

Overall, I think it is no different from your run of the mill lip balm that you can buy from stores at less than half the price. The ingredients are great, but I have lip balms that I like more at lesser or the same price.


  • Hydrates lips well
  • Forms a good base for lipstick


  • Performs same as other lip balms available at lower price
  • Tin packaging may not be very hygienic
  • Does not work any miracles if you have very cracked and dry lips

Precisely: If you want a simple lip balm that does its job and is easy to carry, this is a decent choice, but you might as well use a nivea lip balm, they’re cheaper and more easily available.


Deyga Vanilla Deodorant (100 ml for Rs 650)

Link: https://deyga.in/collections/deodorant/products/vanilla-deodorant


Vanilla, with its creamy and mood lifting smell can catch you back in form! Its cheery fragrance is restorative and encouraging towards a happy day! Make your every day a great start with this aromatic delight. Handcrafted with passion and naturally formulated, it’s nozzle is ready for your pat! 


Benefits Claimed:

  • Provides a cheerful odor.
  • Doesn’t mess with the natural body process as it absorbs sweat instead of blocking it.

My Review:

Let me start with saying, I am in love with this deodorant. I stopped using alcohol based deodorants a long time ago. Ever since, I am always looking for more natural ingredients based, non-alcohol based deodorants and this one fits the bill just perfect.

It has a butter like grainy texture, which takes some effort to spread evenly on the skin, but it surely melts in the skin soon enough. I would recommend applying it as soon as you’re done showering, and give it atleast 5-8 mins to settle or it can leave marks on your dark clothes. I have been always cautious of that with other deodorants too, so it does not bother me.

The smell is pure heaven. I love the vanilla scent, it does not feel artificial at all.

Coming to the actual job, it does it really well. It easily stops any body odor for 6-8 hours, post that it starts losing it’s affects, and I am okay with that. I find 24hr protection deodorant claims unnecessary most of the times. I have worn it while working out too, and it has worked beautifully through that.

Given it is all natural ingredients, it won’t darken your arm pits over time. Infact, I find it almost nourishing on my skin. Even if you apply it immediately after shaving/waxing, it never burns or itches.

Now. Coming to a major problem that I do have with their deodorant, it’s packaging. It comes in a cardboard tube, which has a cardboard disc underneath that you need to push to help the product come out on the other end. I don’t know if it was with my specific product, but it never works. The oils/butter from the product have made the packaging almost soggy, and the pushing disc has stopped working. When I try to push it, it just won’t push, instead it folds into the product and nothing moves up. I have to scoop out the product to use it. I’d rather have it in a glass jar and use it like I would use a face cream. I appreciate that the packaging is eco friendly, and has no plastic used, but what good can a product do if it becomes difficult to use.


  • All natural, does not harm your skin
  • Works great for 6-8 hours
  • Smells amazing
  • A little goes a long way


  • Packaging is not functional for a deodorant
  • Application is not a convenient as a spray or a roll on deo, one needs to rub it on the skin for it to absorb properly

Precisely: I really hope that they improve the packaging on these, because the actual product is really good.

Overall, I am impressed with this brand, and plan to try more products from them. I would highly recommend you to visit their website and explore to see if something suits your need. They have an array of body products too, I am probably going to try those next. Let me know your experience with the brand if you have tried them.