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ZOEVA 109 Face Paint Brush Review

The best contour brush ever!

I am a selfie junkie. Phew! There, I said it. In this generation of half people busy taking selfies for everything they do throughout the day, and the other half people laughing at them, I proudly belong to the first half people. As much as taking selfies is fun, it is painful to see your face even more bloated and flat in flash or even non flash photos. For this reason, I have developed an addiction for contouring my face. Anytime I take a selfie, I have to have those chiseled cheeks and a faux duck face. Oh, how filmy of me. Given contouring stands so much importance in my life, a good contouring brush automatically becomes the need of the moment. In my search for THE perfect contour brush, I landed to Zoeva’s 109 brush. How did it fare for me? Read on to find out.

What company says: Our marvelous 109 Face Paint is a contour brush with a unique design paired with a special blending of natural and synthetic bristles free of dye. The flat, square shape allows professional sculpting, shading and contouring.

Price for Qty.: €12.50 for single unit of brush in a zip pouch.

Product: Zoeva’s 109 Face paint brush is a flat short brush, made with a mix of un-dyed synthetic and natural bristles. It is made for contouring those cheek bones specifically. It has a wooden handle and a metallic ferrule. If you look at it, one sight and you know it is a dupe for the cult favorite contouring brush, the Nars ITA brush.

What I have to say: I love it. I love it. I luuuuurve this brush. I think I should just end this review right here, highly recommending this brush to everyone because actually, there is nothing to dislike in this brush. First, the purpose of the brush. It contours beautifully. I have not used the NARS ITA brush, but from what I have seen online, I find that this brush works almost with same science (yeah, makeup IS science). It is flat at the end, and is pretty dense, hence, picks up product pretty well. Then, the shape is sharp and thin, hence it places the contour at the right place, neither too high, nor too low. With this shape, it’s very difficult to go sloppy with your contour. Then, the bristles, they are dense yet fluffy enough, it helps blend it all out, without getting all over your face. You can be precise, yet blended. What else would you want!

Now, talking about the bristles. OMG! This brush feels like a cotton ball. By the look of it, you might feel that the brush is a little stiff, but that is far from the truth. You touch it on your face, and you never want to get over with the contouring. I am totally obsessed. I am thinking of splurging on more face brushes from Zoeva, I feel I need them all.

I have washed the brush at least 20 times, and not a single hair has shed. The shape can go a little here & there, but it comes with a plastic cover, which totally keeps it in shape. Bonus points for that. Also, the brush was delivered to me in a Zip pouch, which is great for travel. It is made of soft plastic, hence is totally waterproof. Little things add so much more to a brand.

Zoeva brushes are not easily available in India sadly.

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coj:

  • It is sooooper soft.
  • Does flawless contouring.
  • Not a single bristle has shed even after multiple washing.
  • Dupe of NARS ITS brush, at less than 1/3rd the price.
  • High quality bristles and handle.
  • Comes with a super useful zip pouch and a cover to keep the bristles in shape.

You might hate it coj:

  • I seriously cannot find anything to hate about it, but it is not easily available in India, that is the only con here.