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Sephora Long lasting Kohl in Nude, Review and Swatches

Nude eye kohl, suitable for Indian skintones?

To start with, I am fond of applying kajal. I have always been a Kajal girl since my college days. Black kajal, brown kajal, blue kajal, everything used to appeal me. Back then, I had almost no sense about makeup, but kajal was the only thing that made me look complete. I would never step out without a thin layer of kajal on my waterline. At that time, I would barely understand the effect of color of kajal on the size or look of your eye, it was simple kajal for me. But as I started learning more about makeup, I realised the importance of it. How black kajal sharply defines the eyes, how brown kajal gives a softer but still a defined look, how blue kajal adds that pop of color. This is when I discovered the use of white eye pencils to get that wide awake big eyed look. Slowly, I understood how nude pencils were better for Indian skin tones, as they won’t look as stark as white. But then, neither the white nor the nude eye pencils were available in India. If it were, it was only available in brands like MAC, which was far from being available in my home town. Now, that we have Revlon’s nude eye pencil, Lakme’s white kajal pencils, Oriflame’s Nude eye pencils available, I think we are starting to get better options that would also take care of our budgets. So, how did this buy fare for me, keep reading to find out.

Price for Qty.: Rs. 599

Product & Texture: It is an eye kohl pencil in a beige-nude shade. It comes in a wooden packing and is sharpenable. The texture is quite creamy and a total breeze for application on waterline.

What I have to say: I am pretty much happy with the Oriflame’s Nude kajal but that doesn’t mean I can’t try more options. The Sephora Nude pencil was an utter surprise for me. It was one of my first buys from Sephora, when they had launched in Bangalore. It is a sharpenable wooden pencil that is huge in size. It’s very long when new and kinda stands out in my other eye pencils (like literally!) nothing wrong there though. The texture is very creamy but not the one that would slip off the waterline easily, but creamy enough not to hurt the eye while application. The pigmentation is great. For a nude pencil, pigmentation is really important. There is no point if you have to keep layering it on your waterline to make it show up, that will irritate your eyes. This pencil however, shows good color in just one swipe and stays put for almost 6 hours. That is a good lasting time for a nude pencil. This color, unlike black kajal, doesn’t smudge through the day to give you raccoon eyes, rather, with a little smudging down the lower lash line, I feel my eyes look more awake. But that’s just me.

So far, I have faced no issues at all. The thing that I loved the most about it was the color. It is perfect for my skin tone, doesn’t look very stark against my skin and gives that doe eyed look while looking quite subtle. The product is sheer love for me. I use it, just smudge it a little on my waterline, and it does the job perfectly. On the days when I am looking tired and sleepy, one swipe of this on lower waterline really helps brighten my face. It’s like my cheat trick.

I also use it on the inner corners of my eyes, and on my brow bone to give a natural highlight. On the days when I don’t want to do full on makeup, it helps me look a little more sophisticated and put together. It will work great for people with lighter tones than me as well, but for medium or darker tones, it is just perfect. Given it can be sharpened, people who want their pencils in shape all the time will love it. The only sad part is its available only in Sephora, hence the limited access. Their products are available on nnnow.com

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • It is not super expensive, and the size is more than regular pencils, hence a win win
  • It is very pigmented
  • It is very creamy, doesn’t hurt the eye at all
  • Does not sting my sensitive eyes, which is a big deal for me
  • It can be sharpened
  • Stays good enough on my waterline (around 5-6 hours).

You might hate it coz:

  • Available only in Sephora.

Size comparison

Size comparison with standard eye pencils